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      Category: Blog

      Finally, London’s Prime Property Market Returns?

      Demand is rising from buyers in the prime property market in central London but prices are still down 5.1% compared with February 2018 and down 1.3% quarter on quarter, according to the latest data...

      By: David Hodder - June 3, 2019

      Where to buy in the capital in 2019

      While nothing is certain in the world of London property, house hunters in 2019 are hoping their biggest investment will continue to hold its value through the Brexit years and beyond.


      By: David Hodder -

      Manchester’s Continued Growth! Time to Invest!

      As Manchester’s population continues to grow, further housing, economic,...

      By: David Hodder -

      Cambridge amongst the new ‘Investment Hotspots’ for Chinese buyers!

      This article is a little old and may be out of date, for the latest visit UK property market news page.


      By: David Hodder -